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What is "The Corona's" Personal Gift for You?

No matter what turmoil we face globally or personally, nothing happens outside of the consciousness and the evolution, that is the only thing going on at any given moment. The more open we are receiving the gifts of it the more peace and ease we can have in the process.

I'm reading a nice book about magic, and right now I'm in the chapter that speaks about quieting our minds. Letting go of the narrator within. The one who paints the next probable scenery for us based on what has happened before this moment.

That voice is hardly ever silent and when you think about it, you may become aware of the constant chatter and a stream of thoughts it feeds you at all times. For the most of us it has become so familiar that we identify us as beings through that voice. We think it is us talking within our heads, but it couldn't be more further away from the truth.

The more we are able to be in the silence with nothing attaching us to the past or to the future, the more of our true being we have access to.

This Corona pandemic has been a perfect moment for me to really become aware of that voice, those thoughts that we pick up from the environment, the judgements and the fears. It is easy to get lost into this reality that seems so very real. But the only thing real about it is that it is a part of our consciousness an experience we have generated for a reason.

Every experience is offering more and more opportunities for us to awaken, every experience is there to teach us more love. Now I hear the judgments in people's hearts as they are judging themselves not being awakened enough, when they notice that they have fear for death, and many even greater fear for life, for many of us would rather die than choose to do the thing we fear the most.

There are just as many judgements about the situation as there are people on this earth. The main thing is that it's always a personal awakening to love and compassion for ourselves. To rise above whatever judgements you may have, whatever it is specifically for you in any given situation, that is always the greater mission of our lives. That is our personal gift to the collective.

Now someone may wonder what is wrong with judging stupid people, that's the way to change the world. But they don't see how they actually lock their reality in place by fighting or defining it. Freedom is only possible where there is no conclusions. Expansion of awareness is only possible when there are no barriers that separate us from the oneness.

One thing is for sure that this is a perfect opportunity for anyone to see where they are living in choice and possibilities and where they are living in conclusions, fear and judgement.

Awareness is not denial, it is asking what else is possible now? What is the gift of this for me? If my thoughts, emotions and actions create this reality, how much am I choosing the space I am in for me, or how much am I allowing the appearances of this reality to dictate my choices?

What if there is nothing wrong about having fear for illness and death? What if you would be there, present for your own fears. What if that is your gift for the whole to accept whatever you may be going through totally unconditionally. Without trying, being honest with yourself?

What if it is our greatest job to respect and love whatever point of view and whatever part of the human story anyone has chosen for themselves, including ourselves? What if you accept the drama around you with respect, for we may never know what is in it for anyone. There is no wasted moment or time in eternity.

We can be kind for ourselves and have respect for anyone's choices. Evolution is a non- stop event and each of us have chosen this moment. What contribution can you be for it right now, what love can you be for you and others right now?

What is it for you, that you notice hearing inside of your head in this situation?

Do you notice yourself judging others for their hype, the government, the careless people? What is really behind those judgements for you? What are you really afraid of? What is the greater awareness trying to come through for you?

Where there is reaction, there is a lie to be released and a greater truth knocking on the door of your own heart. What is it for you?

What if you practiced becoming aware of the narrator in your head, silencing it and receiving more of the being that you truly are?

What if there is no thought that you can't choose?

What would you rather choose to put your energy and creative forces into? How much are you aware of your your own thoughts, that feed your feelings that actually create your reality?

What if we could be a different outcome for all?

What gift of awareness could you really be for everyone right now? What infinite possibilities are you aware of?

Love, Kati

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