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What The *** is This and What do I do With it?

The greatest thing anyone can do is to receive themselves.

Life doesn't always go as planned. It is an interesting place to be, when you find yourself being asked to design the wedding invitations for your ex and his new fiancé. You agree with no problem, only to find yourself sobbing a minute after the call. What is going on, I have been over this for years? What is this, is this mine or who does this belong to?

I could have gone into hours of dramas of my past, dwelling on all my "failures" and my broken dreams.

That would have been what I'd done a few years ago. But now I know better. Always to ask, what is this? Who does this belong to? And as I did, I became aware I was experiencing the pain of my child. She was listening on the background. For her it means a loss of one of the greatest dreams of any child who has been through separation of parents, that of her parents one day being reunited, and the family being whole again. Now I also know what is required of me here. To be the safe space and presence for her pain. To talk with her about it and be of allowance for her emotions.

When things go "wrong" it is easy to start blaming and judging the circumstances for our unhappiness and go into dramas. But we are the ones choosing the unhappy circumstances in another level of our being for our evolution and freedom. Our job is to see what is it that we are trying to gift to ourselves and ultimately for the whole.

The quest for the truth in this case also revealed another level, that I had been completely oblivious to. I discovered, that unconsciously I had made very firm decisions, at the time my relationship ended, of the things that I will never do or won't ever want to experience again.

When we create our lives from our unconscious decisions, we end up creating just the things that we are resisting, or finding ourselves stuck with something.

Think of a time your magic and flow has suddenly stopped and ask yourself, what decisions or conclusions did I make at the time the magic stopped?

The sooner you are willing to receive everything about you and your life, the quicker you can expand and change everything for you. When you are willing to be completely vulnerable and ready to take responsibility of your own creations without judgements you gain your own power back and stop being the victim of the circumstances.

There is no one outside of us who can love us more than we do. There is no one else out there who can give us more than what we are willing to receive.

Receiving you is about your willingness to know who and what you are without separating any parts of you, but loving all parts of you. It is about you accepting what is now with gratitude for the gifts that every moment has in store for you, even if you weren’t aware of them instantly.

Are you willing to receive all of you?

Receiving you means trusting your infinite being and your own awareness and choices. Never making yourself or anyone else wrong but always being strong.

Receiving you means your willingness to be everything and nothing you have judged yourself as. It means that you are willing to lose everyone and everything that stops you from being you. It means you are willing to out grow beyond your limitations and barriers you have placed between you and the rest of the world.

Everything around you is your own reflection, reflection of your choices and beliefs. It is all a gift you haven’t yet received. It is a friendly Universe and it is all working for us, even in those times we find it very hard to see it.

There are no mistakes or failures in life.

You are magic, you are an infinite being with gifts so great that can outshine any doubt and pain of your life if you are willing to receive all of you.

You are special, unique and that is just a fact. You do have something special to gift and an experience of life that no one else has. It matters and it is meaningful for the whole humanity.

Your life is always a part of the whole and everytime you see the truth of a situation and are able to let go of your judgements you clear those things for hundreds of thousands of others. We don’t really see the importance of everything we do and be for the whole. Just because you are not making it big yet in human terms, doesn’t take away the power of your contribution.

You are a contribution for the whole, just by being here and going through whatever it is that you are going through, right now. Your pain is not yours, it is not personal, it has been here for generations before you.

Just think of your own family, what patterns of pain are you able to discover? How much of your parents pain are you carrying with you? What if you are the one sent here to love and dissolve that pain, so that the next generation can be free of it?

Whenever you find yourself in trouble, ask yourself,

What is this and what am I not willing to receive here? What awareness am I trying to gift to myself here? What do I do with this and what is the gift of this?

What else truly is possible for you now? What else can you choose now?

Shine your light and be the change,

Love, Kati

If you are ready to receive more of your true happiness in all areas of your life, remember you are always welcomed to book a free empowering session with me. Let's see what else truly is possible for you?

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