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Why Anything is Possible?

You may have heard of people talking about infinite possibilities and how anything is possible. But it also may sound like an utopia for you, an airy fairy thing that some people are just kind of enchanted with, nothing to do with this reality.

But from my experience it is very true and very much a choice we can all make. We can have a life that we truly want if we truly want it, right now.

So what's the secret? The secret is actually very simple.

Imagine for a moment that nothing is solid and everything is energy. Imagine an infinite vast ocean of energy that you are one with that is connected to everything that is. You have access to all of the energy, all of the information, all of the other beings in it. There is no time, no past, nor the future, just everything in a huge blob of life that is all the time aware of itself through the infinite expressions and forms of itself.

Now, imagine that you can ask and call forth any energy and any experience to come through you into your physical experience of this life. Now, imagine there are infinite number of choices and possible Universes and it can all unfold as your experience in any moment in the timeless space of your being.

What do you choose to ask for and what kinds of experiences would you choose for you?

Just imagine something really big and crazy you would like to create as your experience right now, something that you haven't been able to create for you. Imagine for a moment that it could just appear and be formed through the infinite force of life. Brought to you with no effort, as if by magic.

And boom, it doesn't happen!

But it could, if you didn't really imagined it at all, but just asked for it.

The freedom that most of us are looking for is already within us. It is actualized in our questions. It is not actualized in the physical objects of our desires. Why is that, you may wonder? Well as soon as we start defining the infinite possibilities by what we already know, we have given it up to the the possibilities of what we already know and it takes a long time to move things that already exist in the physical form.

Let me give you a real life simple example. I once was moving houses and I wanted to get a real nice bed. I could have gone to the shops and pondered about the qualities and prices and tried to find the right bed within my budget and then I could have tried to figure out how that bed was going to be delivered to my new home, you know the way we usually function with these kinds of things.

But instead of doing all that hard work I just asked, what would it take to have the best bed for my body in my new bedroom.

And boom, in the next day I had asked the question, a new expensive extremely comfortable bed was delivered to my new bedroom.

Now you may wonder how did it happen in this physical reality? Well, right after asking I pumped into an ad on Facebook. Someone had to leave a new bed behind because they were moving. They also wanted to get rid of it as fast as possible and they had a moving van they wanted to deliver it instantly with. As they were in a hurry they sold it very cheap too. So I got my bed literally just by lifting a bit of my fingers.

That kind of magic is truly possible with anything in our lives.

But unfortunately the hardest thing for us is actually knowing what we want. Now, if you think of something like a bed. It's completely acceptable for us to want a comfortable bed, there is not much thought in that, well at least for me there wasn't.

But when we think of something else, such as a great partner, or anything that we have defined as something big and significant the situation instantly changes. Many times we are unable to even ask for it, without wanting to define it in advance. Without being controlled by our past experiences. So we are actually not free in our asking.

We may pretend to be asking for the best partner for us, yet we have a list of qualities, a list of fears, a list of past traumas, that stops us being the question for more than a few seconds at a time. We go into conclusions and fears of what happens then and how it will effect on other areas of our lives and boom, we're stuck in the past stories.

There isn't a real question, no real space for magic.

Now, even if we did manage to stay in the question and the perfect partner would show up for us, it doesn't take long for us to put them into that perfect box and boom, it's over before we know it, because it didn't stay there or we didn't stay there. We never do, no one does. To expect that is just plain crazy. Yet that is how we often end up suffocating our relationships.

So what does it require to be totally magical? And do you really want it?

To be magical requires us to know what we want, but not exactly the way we think.

We don't actually need to know anything to have what we want.

Now that may sound a bit confusing. But that is the most magical space of being.

All we really "need to know" is what we want our experiences to be like and how we'd feel when they happen, we don't even need to know what the whole experience is. The best bit is that we can have and generate that feeling and the frequency of being right now.

Let me tell another story.

Last year, I was dreaming and looking at trips to Rome and realized that there is one very special date in a year when the Oculus in the Pantheon temple is lit up in a special way and that day is also considered to be the founding day of Rome. I thought, ok it has passed this year, but what would it take to go there next year on that date?

Guess who is going to Rome with all of it paid for this year on that special date and with a special date? How does it get any better? Now how did that happen? Well I left it for the Universe to deliver, never even thought about it after the question.

That is how powerful our questions are, if we don't allow our minds to interfere with the creation power of our Universe and if we don't make anything significant. Like I had already forgotten about the whole thing before it just happened.

It was just a light wonder with no strings attached.

That is where the magic really lives. And there is no fooling it. If we come from the place of trying to create a specific thing by lightly wondering about it, we have already slipped into conclusions. Magic is about being honest with ourselves and admitting that there is an infinite being who knows better what it is and when is the best time for it.

Can't force magic. What can you ask that you don't really know yet? And what would it create for you if you not knowing would always be the greatest gift for you?

But there is also gifts to be received from anything that comes into the way of our asking and even our forcing. Everything is here to invite us to more and more to the freedom and love that we already are.

How is this moment inviting you to more of your true freedom and love? What can you receive, be and choose for you now?
How can you generate more of the spaces and feelings you want right now?
Would you be willing to ask beyond the past?

Enjoy playing with magic,



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