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Why is My Asking Not Working?

We all know the ask and you shall receive. But how many of us are really using the magic of this truth actively in our lives? And how many of us have gotten disappointed when it didn’t work for us.

What did I do wrong, why isn’t it working for me? You may be asking now and are getting plenty of answers to that question. Why is that? Because that is your genuine wonder.

The other day, I was wondering how do they get the trash out from the courtyard of a building next to us, since the driveway is so narrow and the ceiling is very low. This morning I saw that they had a special kind of car for that I had never seen before. This made me think how easy and effortless it is when you just wonder about wanting to know something that you have no pressure or desperate need to know, just that pure curiosity.

How many times have you just wondered about some trivial thing and you get an instant answer?

What if we could have and be that space of open curiosity with anything we are asking for? What would that create for us? That is actually the secret to make the ask and you shall receive work for us.

What makes it hard is that we are asking from the energy of need and desperation. We might ask what would it take for this to show up with ease, and before we know it our unconscious mind has gone into conclusions like, that can never happen anyway, it couldn’t be that easy at least not for me. This will not work, why would it? I have tried it before and it didn’t work.

Our human mind is quickly returning to the safe space of unconsciousness. We are not really asking, we are trying to use the questions to force the reality to shift around us and we usually have an idea of how things should and could show up. There is no freedom, no real question, only conclusions we have already made. How much space does the Universe have to deliver us then?

How can we free our asking then? One liberating thing is to ask for the things we truly desire for, which are the qualities of our being. Instead of asking for the money or the lover, we could be asking for those things we think having more money or the best lover in the world would create for us, such as freedom, orgasmic being, joy, fun and ease with everything… That way we become the space of allowance for anything that creates what we desire to show up, in any way possible. Universe might surprise us with something we didn’t know we enjoyed that much.

I wonder what would it take to be that space of pure childlike wonder for all our questions? What questions could you ask today, that would totally change your life for the better right now? What if you had no need to seek for the answers?

How much of you could you receive today? What would bring you the most joy? What contribution can you be today? What will create the most for you today? What does freedom look like, smell like, feel like, sound like, move like for me today? How much magic can you be? What do you know that no one else knows?

What if you lived your life as a question? What if you became a quest of magic?

Much Goddess Love,


If you are ready to receive more of your true magic in all areas of your life, remember you are always welcomed to book a free empowering session with me. Let's see what else truly is possible for you?

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