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Your Business Already Knows The Way to Success

You may have never thought, that your business actually is an entity on it’s own, just like everything we create. Think of the children we may have given birth to. They are not a part of us, but came through us to become beings with their own free will, dreams and a purpose.

We can only intend to gift them the best possible start for their lives and assist them with the best of our abilities and with our loving care.

Eventually, most of our kids will grow up and figure out what works for them and what doesn’t, and on the way there they gain all the knowing and all the skills, including all the trouble they require for leading empowered and independent lives as adults.

We all have a whole blueprint of our lives designed to the tiniest detail, so that we can in our own turn serve the whole to our fullest potential according to our divine will.

That same goes for our businesses.

Your business already knows who and what it is here for and where to find those people who are looking for it.

​Our business already has the blueprint of its most expansive potential present right now. That is so, even if your business would only be a passing wonder or a dream in the future. It is here to serve the whole and it already has the innate knowing who, what, where and how it can serve the best.

In the infinite field of possibilities everything already exists. So it really is just a matter of us tuning into the soul of our soulbusiness. Us connecting with that potential that already exists, embodying it and giving birth to it in another form of energy. It is far from the past, where people have been trying to make their businesses their slaves or making themselves the slaves of their businesses. 

Magical business creation is about you building a harmonious, joyful and loving two-way relationship with your business. You are in it together.

How are you communicating with your business?

What is your relationship like?

Do you listen to your business?

Your business is one platform for the infinite power that is willing to be born and expressed through us and through our services.

I invite you to ask yourself:

In what ways could you begin to connect with the soul of your business, that already knows the greatest potential of its growth?

Be with it, listen to your business and see what expansion of awareness it creates for you.

Shine your light and be the change,

Love Kati

If you would like to know more about how to connect with the soul of your business, you are always welcomed to book a free consultation with me. Let's see what else truly is possible for you and your authentic soulbusiness creations?

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